Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rollin' Out the Welcome Mat

My parents are coming to visit this weekend. Since it's also Valentine's Day weekend, I added a few extras to my usual Preparation for Visiting Parents Checklist:
  • Heart-shaped watermelon slices? Check.
  • Dyed red spiral noodles? Check.
  • Naturally red spaghetti sauce? Check.
  • Cherry 7-Up? Check.
  • Heart-shaped cherry Jello Jigglers? Check.
  • Frozen broccoli? Check. (What? I can't make the entire dinner red. I need some contrast for visual interest...)
And what, you may ask, is on my usual Preparation for Visiting Parents Checklist? 

Just this:

*If you're new to Bugs and Bunnies, and you have no earthly idea why I've invested in a Tower of TP just because my parents are visiting, click here to get up to speed. Then you can come back to this post, and gaze at the Tower of TP, and sigh, "Ahhh. Now I get it."

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