Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Not the Chili You Should Worry About

Today is National Chili Day. Or it may be tomorrow. Or it might have been three days ago. I'm finding it listed several different days in February, so I'm just gonna go with today. But don't let the ambiguous date assignment of National Chili Day hinder your celebratory consumption. Join me today! Grab yourself a piping hot bowl o' beany, meaty, spicy goodness. Go ahead! Enjoy!

And remember: the best part of this holiday is that it's multi-sensory.

It's got taste...
...and smell...

...and sound.

Oh, what a wonderful day! And for those of you who - for dietary or religious or even fear-of-flatulence reasons - cannot join in the consumption, I found just the video to help you celebrate vicariously.

*Parents: Never fear! This is a kid-friendly snippet of Blazing Saddles. In fact, the kiddos may enjoy it more than you. Unless you're a lot like me. And in that case, you may enjoy it more than them.