Thursday, June 10, 2010

Short Cuts, Or: Now You Don't Hafta Slog Through the Whole Darn Thing Just to Find the One Thing You Really Need

I have noticed that many of the First Time Visitors to Bugs and Bunnies (Welcome! by the way...) get here because they're looking for a book review, or they're looking for info about a children's author or illustrator, or they're looking for info about various and sundry Little-Known Holidays. Hopefully, those of you in the First Time Visitors group like what you see, and keep coming back.

In the meantime, for the convenience of both First Time Visitors, and Long Time Readers (Welcome back! by the way...), I've added a new feature which you can find right up at the top, and just below the header. It's a series of pages links. *This paragraph is edited from the original post, when I had the Short Cuts links in the sidebar with the below illustration. Though the illustration is gone from the sidebar, I left it here because, you know, I like it.

It's a quick and easy way for Bugs and Bunnies visitors to get right to the stuff they really need to see, and then of course, to come back to the main page to see what other random stuff I've posted lately.

Here's a quick tour of Short Cuts:
  • Home - It is what you think it is, and brings you to the main Bugs and Bunnies page. (You can also get back to the main page from whichever post you're browsing by simply clicking on the big picture header at the very top of the page.)
  • Nuts and Bolts of the Book Reviews (or, How It All Works Here) - This is where you'll find answers to questions about how I do book reviews: how I choose the books, what kinds of books I review, where I find author/illustrator info, how you can contact me about a book, etc. And if your question isn't answered there, you can always email me at bugsandbunnies (at) verizon (dot) net.
  • Book Reviews - One big list of every book review I've ever done, which will be updated with each new one I write. It's alphabetized, even! Just click on the book title, and you'll be taken directly to my review of that book.
  • Author Spotlights - Looking for information about your favorite author or illustrator? This is where you'll find a list (also neatly alphabetized) of each person I've written a brief bio about, with a direct link to each post. Just click the name, and you're there.
  • Little-Known Holidays - If I've written about any kind of holiday, observance, celebration, festival, or what-have-you, it will be listed here, organized by month and date it occurs. Click on the name of the event to get to the corresponding post for it.
  • Wonderful Weirdos of Literature Series - Looking for a kids' book with quirky, different, eccentric, unique, weird, wacky, or misunderstood characters? Then you might want to check out this page. Started in September 2010, it is an annual occurrence, with posts every Friday in September.
  • A Literary Appreciation of Dragons Series - Dragons! Books about dragons! Books with dragon characters! And did I say dragons? Started in January 2013, it is also an annual occurrence, with posts every Friday in January.
  • My Artwork - Here you will find samples of illustrations I've done for Bugs and Bunnies, along with links to the posts in which they appear. Most are colored pencil and fine point Sharpie, but I also work with some cut-and-paste, some mixed media, and a bit of computer design.
  • My Photography -  This page houses some of my personal favorites of the photos I've taken to accompany posts. As with the Artwork page, you will find a link with each photo that takes you to the original post in which each one appears.
  • Contact Me - Sorta self-explanatory, right? Here's where you can find my email address.

This concludes the official Grand Tour of Short Cuts. I hope this feature makes navigating Bugs and Bunnies a more streamlined and pleasant experience for you. Please feel free to wander about, and perhaps find exactly what you've been searching for...

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