Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Signs of Life

Part of me is a Highly Visual Person. Another part of me possesses a Slightly Warped Sense of Humor. And when you put those two parts of me together and hand them a camera, well, all I can say should know better. Highly Visual Me + Slightly Warped Sense of Humor Me + Camera-Weilding Me = a maniacal giggle fit to be sure, a blog post at the very least, or (usually) both.

If you've been around a while, and you remember my Signs of Life post way back in August 2008, and you were hoping for a sequel, your hope has become reality. If you're new here, go on and check the other post out, and then come on back here to Part Deux. We'll wait...

All caught up? Alrighty, then. Here we go:

While walking around at the 2009 National Book Festival in Washington, DC, I chanced to inhale a cinnamon-y aroma too powerful to resist. I found myself following my nose until I came upon the source of that heavenly scent. Apparently, lots of other folks before me had done the same thing:

When we saw this one outside a restaurant in the next town over, we had to wonder: Should we stay, or should we go?

My kiddos (AKA my Funny Sign Partners in Crime) pointed this one out to me as we were headed into a restaurant across the street. My Inner-Ten-Year-Old Boy was in hysterics:

The person who named this street must have been thinking about the last thing he said to his chiropractor: "Doc, ya gotta help me. I got this awful pain in my..."

Seen on a bus in NYC last year. Lovely Girl especially enjoyed quoting this one all the rest of that day:

You know how sometimes, you dig into a snack that's just so fantastically good that your Inner Toddler clutches the container and shrieks, "MINE!" if anyone dares to ask you to share? Well, this company knows just how you feel, so they've conveniently printed up a warning right there on the box, efficiently warding off any would-be solicitors:

Now, wasn't that fun? (Careful. Don't let the friendly banter fool you. You're still not gettin' any of my soft pretzel...)


  1. I need to have popcorn containers at the movies printed like that cup.

  2. Great photos, Kim.

    I also took a photo of that "Bar & Restaurant Open 7 Days/Closed Today" sign (I live about two miles from there). Good thing we did, because it's gone now and another restaurant has opened in that spot.


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