Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Signs of Life

A Sign That Just Makes You Giggle When You Read It Out Loud at 2 AM:

A Sign That You Probably Shouldn't Have Balked When Your Sign Painter Asked for an Extra Four Bucks to Finish the Job:

A Sign (Or Four) That You Might Wanna Rethink That Road Trip Potty Break:

A Sign Your Package Designer Got a Bit Punchy While Working on the Cotton Ball Account:

A Sign That Explains the State of My Lovely (if Cluttered) Domicile:

A Sign of Things to Come:

When my small son says to me, he says, "Mommy? When I'm 10? Can I color my hair green?"

And he's totally serious.

No photo for this one yet.

But I'll keep ya posted...


  1. I know I shouldn't, but...
    Are there a number of entepreneurial young (and not so young) ladies, in danger of being put out of business by a local organization of church going women, on that Blvd?

    I think I will have to do a post on the giants of Alberta, like the giant sausage in Mundare, the giant beaver, not on the blvd, but in Beaverlodge (google that one for a giggle), there's a perogie, a goose, a Ukrnaian Easter Egg, and even a landing pad for UFOs. We went there this summer. Then, I could go on about the names of some of the towns- Vulcan, Dog Pound, Seven Persons (pretty explanitory). Who knows what those poor dehydrated and half starved pioneers were thinking when they unhitched their ox carts?

    And one other thing, we went to Vancouver Island for a wedding, last fall. To Cowboy, they're all just a bunch of hippies down there. The city we were in has a road that you can't avoid taking to get anywhere. Cowboy honestly mistook it for "Jungle Pot" road. It is actually "Jingle Pot" road, but I get a laugh out of it everytime I think of it. Ok, one last one. I used to live on an obscenely named road, if you're a teenager. Try telling one of your highschool friends that she and her mom can pick you up on Peter's Pike.

  2. Very funny. Thanks for posting these.


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