Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time's A Wastin'

So, I'm meandering online, sorta wasting time and sorta looking for inspiration for a blog post. Then up pops with a post on online time wasters. Awesome! I Googled "online time wasters" and came up with a goldmine of suggestions.

So, when you're Facebooked out, when your Twitter fix has tweeted its last (at least for now), and when the Bubble Wrap page has lost its luster, check out these sites and find whole new ways to fritter away some time:

1. Falling Sand Game - Who new virtual Earth elements could be so much fun?

2. Stuff on My Cat - Totally not interactive, but so funny - especially if you're tired to the point of silly - to click through pictures of, well, cats with stuff on them. Like remote controls. Stupid hats. Feather boas. Great for a good giggle.

3. Subservient Chicken - If you've ever had the desire to make a chicken do your bidding, check this one out. The little guys will love it! Just type in what you want the person-in-a-chicken-suit-standing-in-a-living-room to do, hit "submit," and watch him do it! (And a very polite chicken it is, too. We typed, "Thank you chicken!" when we were done, and he graciously took a bow.)

4. Story - Upload a photo, choose a mouth, record your voice, and presto! Instant talking photo.

5. The Dialectizer - Enter the URL of a web page of your choice, select the dialect you prefer (among the choices: redneck, jive, cockney, Elmer Fudd, the Swedish Chef), hit "Dialectize," and the page is translated into that dialect. Useful? Probably not. Silly? Probably. OK, definitely. But who cares? It's fun!

6. Let Them Sing It For You - Type in the text of your choice, and this website sings those words back to you using clips from famous songs. No frills, but fun to do.

Give 'em a try. Then let me know what you think!


  1. I didn't see car tire on a cat?

  2. I'm glad I fell into (onto?) your blog so that I can see that you do the work so I don't have to. Now I can go to those "fantastic" sites because I"m tired of trying to find things on my own.


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