Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

This totally fun day comes around every January 28th (or 26th, depending on the source). Now, in case this caught you unaware, and therefore unprepared with your very own sheet of bubble wrap, I found this awesome solution: click on the link below, and pop away! Though it's virtual, it's almost as much fun as the real deal (trust me - I downloaded the Bubble Wrap app to my cell phone, and I love it!):

Not only can you pop virtual bubble wrap on this site, but you can also:
  • E-shop for some cool merchandise to proclaim your love of bubble wrap to the world
  • Learn some methods and styles for popping bubble wrap
  • Discover how to identify the different types of bubbles on your real-world bubble wrap sheet
  • Find out about Bubble Wrap Etiquette 
  • Download some bubble wrap desktop wallpaper
  • Read "some interesting information about Bubble Wrap"

What are you waiting for? Whether virtual or real-world, go on! Get popping!


  1. Thanks for the link and I'm really glad you enjoy the site! I am actually getting married in May and planning on having the bows on the chairs at the reception made out of of bubble wrap so that people will have something fun to do while they are sitting around!

  2. I love the bubble wrap app on my iPod Touch, and so do the little girls who were visiting me recently.

  3. What a cool thing! But no one can pop the real deal like my grandson.


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