Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Have to Save a What, Now?

I am no fan of spiders. You can read about my non-spider love here and here. Ever since we moved into our current home, and those big, black, hairy, sinisterly speedy wolf spiders made their presence known, it took me a full 18 months before I would sit in my basement family room without tucking my feet firmly on the couch cushions and absolutely no further south.

Well. If you look over there on the right sidebar, you will see that March 14 is Save a Spider Day. 

So, OK. I'll participate.

Well, let me qualify. If "Save a Spider Day" referred to the spider plant:

...then yeah, I'd save a spider.

Or, if "Save a Spider Day" referred to Lamborghini Spyders:

...particularly the blue variety, then absolutely yeah, I'd save a spider. Or rather, a Spyder.

Even if "Save a Spider Day" referred to the famed Webslinger himself:

...then yeah, I'd save a spider. (Or can I call him "Spidey?")

But, you and you and you and I all know what "Save a Spider Day" really refers to:

...yep. Good ol' fashioned arachnids.


But in the spirit of the holiday, I'll offer this Treaty: If they stay in the great outdoors - where they belong - I won't squish them.

If, however, they violate said Treaty and step even one of their creepy, hairy, icky eight legs into my humble home...

...well then. Ya know. Holiday or no: Squish!

Happy Save a Spider Day.

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  1. OH GROSS!!!!

    I hate spiders with a passion and I kept wanting to step on my computer screen when I saw that last picture. Ugh.

    *runs off to take a shower because it feels like the spider is crawling on her*


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