Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Do They Call It a Bedroom, Exactly?

I guess they call it a bedroom because it's a room with a bed in it. 'Cause to call it a sleeproom would be a total misnomer. At least, it would be in my case.

Here is a partial and by no means complete list of all the alternate names by which my "Bedroom" could be known:

Laundry Staging Area - Since my laundry room (another total misnomer, but this time on the "room" part) is only big enough for one washer, one dryer, and one me, I end up sorting the dirty clothes into piles in my bedroom. Then, when I need to sling up some things to air dry, I set up the drying racks in my bedroom. Then, when the clothes need folding, I spread out the folded stacks of clothes all over my so-called bedroom. 

Recovery Room - Yeah. If you're a parent, or you have parents, you know exactly what this means. Where does every kid turn when they feel miserable and need a place to feel warm and soft and totally pampered? That's right. Mommy's room. 

Surrogate Family Room - Sometimes heading down to the basement family room to watch a little TV seems just a little too...well...impersonal. So instead we retire to the smaller TV, but cozier seating arrangement of my bedr- I mean, the Surrogate Family Room.

Household Hang-Out - Rainy days. Slug days. Mopey days. Bad-day-at-school days. Somehow on these kinds of days, everyone ends up piled on my bed with books or games or toys. 

Occasional Dining Room - You know those kind of days. Everyone's tired. Everyone's cranky. And no one ( wants to cook. So we roar off to Mickey D's, bring it all home, spread some towels across the bed - 'cause I draw the line at sleeping on crumbs - and chow down while we take in a little bit of Phineas and Ferb. Hmmm. How about "The Chow Room?"

Satellite Office - Sometimes, that trek down 16 stairs to my lovely office with a comfy couch and awesome bookshelves just seems insurmountable. So, I stay firmly planted on my pillowtop mattress and type away on the laptop. Sometimes I still have to schlep down to the office to get the files I need to get the job done, but still. The point is, maybe I should just call it the Satellite Office. Sure. Then I could call the trips up and down the stairs my Commute...

Bad Dream Banishment Bungalow - Thump! Thump! Thump! Shake. Shake.
     "Wha? Huh? Buddy, what's up?" 
     "I had a bad dream. Can I sleep in here with you?" 
     Scoot. Scoot. Snuggle. 

So many names, but only one room. It's all so confusing. I guess "Bedroom" will have to do for simplicity's sake.

But I still say it's totally misnamed...

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