Thursday, June 26, 2008

Educational Junk Mail

So, I'm perusing my email, and I click on the Junk Mail folder. It's always interesting to see what pops up in the subject line. Sometimes, those lines are downright icky, and I can't hit delete fast enough. Other times, I see a message I'm expecting in my Inbox, and mutter to myself as I transfer it, "No! No! No! I want that one!" (But it's never one of those icky ones.) And then there are the run of the mill ads that I yawn and delete at a more leisurely pace.

But today, I have added a fourth category to my Junk Mail sort: Educational. That's right - I said educational. I learned a new word today, and it's all because of the subject line of one of my junk mails. It contained the word...

I have never before seen or heard this word, yet there it was, big as you please in the subject line of a junk mail. Curious, I did a web search for it. Point-one-one seconds later, I'm staring at "Results 1-10 of about 148,000 for awesomesauce." One hundred forty-eight thousand results! Who knew? (Obviously not me...)

Anyway, here - courtesy of - are the definitions:

awesomesauce - 
     1. Something that is more awesome than awesome. It is
         a modifier of your basic awesome into a more 
         awesome version.

     2. It is the power within. It lets you feel great about 
       something and accomplish your goals.

    3. A more exaggerated word for awesome.

    4. Something or someone truly amazing. Usually: more 
        awesome than the word "awesome" can describe.

     5. noun, liquid cool; the opposite of weaksauce

Even better, on the page where "awesomesauce" is listed, they also have a ton of variations on the theme, including, but not limited to:awesomenizzleness, awesomesaucical, awesometacular, awesometown, and (my personal favorite) awesomepantyloonies.

Blogger's spell check is going totally bonkers with this post...but I don't care. I am reveling in my impromptu education. 

I hope the rest of your day is totally awesomesauce!

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Note: If you decide to check out the site, please be aware: though all the definitions I've listed here are kid-friendly, Urban Dictionary (in general) is not not not a site for the little guys... definitely oriented toward the college+ crowd. I didn't enable any links there 'cause I know at least one semi-small fry who likes to read this blog...

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