Monday, April 7, 2008

Only Four Days Left to Submit... the Poetry Contest!  

Surely you have some poems just itching to be released? 
 April is National Poetry Month after all.  

Can't you just feel the inspiration floating in the air all around you?  Oh, wait... it's... no... that's just pollen.  Sorry.  But seriously, come join the fun!

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  1. Eartailia,A friend of mine at JobCorp introduced me to this book and told me that all of her friends are reading it. And she showed me the inscription on the inner cover of the book where the author apparently donated a bunch of them to support our local PBS station. Everybody in my school is reading this book. The book's about cat people with psychic powers. I don't know when I've had so much fun reading a book. Not just because my girlfriend is reading along with me either. I'm into Science Fiction. I like things like Star Trek, Star Wars and Stargate. Anyway if you're a Science Fiction fan this book is a must read.


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