Friday, April 4, 2008

Poetry Friday... with a Contest!

A couple of years ago, I really got into the Magnetic Poetry kits.  If you haven't heard of them, they're these little packages stuffed full of these little magnet strips that have words and phrases glued to them.  The kits even include words like "it," or "a," or "the."  You stick them wherever there's a proper metal surface, arrange them into sentences, phrases, whatever comes to you, and voila!  A masterpiece.  
When I got mine, I excitedly ripped it open, carefully separated each of the couple hundred or so words, and stuck them ALL OVER my fridge.  My kids looked at me curiously.  My husband just smiled and shook his head.  (He's been with me long enough to recognize the beginning of an obsession when he sees one.)  Then I plunked down right there on the floor, and joyfully waited for Inspiration to arrive...

I was soon joined by my two little lovelies.  We started scooting words around on the refrigerator door, creating a few short snippets containing the word "butt." (I just can't help it!  It's funny!)  Our impromptu poetry session was a blast, but was short-lived, as my kiddos abandoned me for their toys after about 20 minutes.

I stayed put, however, and though I am no poet, I managed to craft two untitled poems that didn't seem half bad.  Ahem:

I                       I sit beneath
watch                the milky moon
and                   and think about chocolate,
love smooth and sweet.
these Sadly, I have none.
my you?
part of me
all eternity

So, in the spirit of creativity, how about we have a poetry 
contest? (I've never hosted a contest before, so I'm 
modeling it on how Michelle organized one of her contests 

To enter:
1. Post your own, original poem on your blog. Your poem 
can be funny, serious, whatever moves you, but please 
be mindful that my kids read this.

2. Place a link in your post back to Bugs and Bunnies, so 
your readers can enter to wax poetic, as well.

3. Add a comment to THIS POST with a link back to your 
blog, so everyone can read your entry. Deadline 
for entries is Thursday, April 10. (I'll reserve the right 
to delete any submissions that aren't appropriate for 
my blog.)

4. Keep checking THIS POST'S comments section to visit the 
entries. Then, use my "Email Me" button (over there in 
the green right-hand margin) to cast a vote for your 
favorite poem.

5. On Friday, April 11, I'll post the top 5 vote-getters right 
here on my blog. The poet with the most votes will 
receive their very own Original Magnetic Poetry kit!

Please join in, and have fun! I can't wait to see what you 
come up with!


  1. I saw your comment on Mimi's blog so I thought I'd stop by and say hi. Your contest sounds fun.

    I'll visit again. Theresa

  2. I join in! Contests are always fun. Here's my haiku for today. I'm posting a new haiku and photo every day in April. I'll stop by again and see what others have posted.

  3. Hi Kim,

    I decided to enter your contest. My link is

    Have a good weekend!



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