Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Appreciation of Dragons: One Kid's Journey

And not just any kid, mind you. Today, Bugs and Bunnies readers, you are in for a treat. Guest blogging today - in honor of Appreciate a Dragon Day - is Chez Wheedleton's very own Lovely Girl:

How I Appreciate Dragons
By: Lovely Girl

I may be my family's resident dragon fanatic, but I wasn't always that way. I first started a couple of years ago. My math and science teacher loved dragons, so one day I drew her one. I didn't realize until later that I forgot the wings! But once I did, I thought to myself: I can do better that THAT! So, I started drawing some more. 

Eventually, I realized the best way to draw dragons is to see one in person. Unfortunately, there are no live dragons where we live. So I did the next best thing, finding pictures of dragons, and reading about dragons. I started to read more and more and more dragon books: How to Train Your Dragon, Dragon Rider, Eragon, Dragonology...the list goes on and on. 

I guess all that drawing and reading rubbed off on me, because I had the idea for some dragon stories of my own. So, I wrote them, and illustrated them, and all of that led up to the biggest dragon story yet! (It has 56 chapters!)

In other words, I don't just appreciate dragons. I live and breathe them. I may sound like a giant nerd, but yeah, it's the truth. Over the years, my stories and drawings have gone from better to great, to totally AWESOME! I've combined my drawings and stories, and have started making dragon comics. (Granted, I'm only done three pages, but still!)

I also make pipe cleaner dragons, which were super popular last year. I brought one to school one day, and when kids at school saw them, so many people asked me to make them one that the list was almost three pages long! And all I'd meant to do was give my friends one! I have three for myself: my first one - the big green one in the back row - is Earthstar, who stars in a few of my stories; and the two little green ones are Redburn and Splashlight. The red and yellow ones are the ones I made for my mom:

So, learn a lesson from my story, and get out there and Appreciate a Dragon!

And now, Lovely Girl is out.