Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Don't Know. I Just Don't Know...

So, back in December, I wrote a post about my propensity to stock up on lots and lots of toilet paper before my parents come to visit. There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this otherwise odd behavior, and it's not what you think - or what I think you'd think if you were me and I were you, and the you-that-was-really-me had my sense of humor. Which, you may, or you may not. may or you may not be me? may or you may not have my sense of humor? Confused? I know I am. So, to save yourself the trouble of crawling inside my head to figure me out (because let's face it, even I wouldn't do that), maybe you'd better click here to go back and read all about it before we move on.

...G'head. I'll wait...

All caught up now? Alrighty. You are now an official witness that I explicitly wrote:

"my parents are not (ahem) 'crappy' people." 


Now, fast forward a couple of weeks, to when we went to visit my parents for Christmas, and to exchange gifts. 

Here is the very first gift they gave me:


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