Friday, May 9, 2008

Author Spotlight: Simon Rose

Simon Rose has written several novels for young people, beginning with The Alchemist's Portrait, published in 2003.  Since then, he has had four additional novels published, with a fifth coming out in Spring 2009: The Doomsday Mask.

Born in 1961 in Derbyshire, England, Mr. Rose grew up in Chesterfield.  He was a big comic book fan, and was rather partial to Marvel comics.  He first began writing as a teenager - when he began an epic sci-fi and fantasy novel.  He still works on it from time to time, and hopes one day to see it published.  Also during his teen years, he developed a love of history, and graduated from university in 1982 with a history degree. 

In addition to writing novels for young readers, Simon Rose does readings, presentations and author-in-residence programs for schools and libraries worldwide.  He serves as an instructor with the National Writing for Children Center, offers many services for aspiring writers of all ages, and does copywriting for the business world.

This author, writer and presenter enjoys reading sci-fi, fantasy, ancient mysteries, and "anything mysterious and unexplained."

Having moved to Canada in 1990, Mr. Rose resides in Calgary with his two children, and a dog, and a cat.


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