Sunday, May 4, 2008

Author Spotlight: Loris Lesynski

Loris Lesynski was born in Eskilstuna, Sweden, but her family later moved to Canada.  Her father was from Poland, and worked as a toolmaker.  Her mother was a nurse originally from Finland.  She and her sister, an artist, loved to draw, write and read as little girls.  Ms Lesynski says she always knew she wanted to be a writer someday.

She started keeping a journal at the age of three, and continued right on through high school - filling those journals with poems, stories and observations.  She also drew cartoons, which she enjoyed immensely.

Her career has taken her from university student, to nursery school teacher, to newspaper reporter, and even to fruit market clerk.  Then, at 21 years old, Ms Lesynski discovered graphic design, and fell in love with it.  Her works included designing and illustrating book covers, books, theater posters, brochures, menus and myriad other types of media.  She continued with graphic design work for many years, while continuing to write on the side.

Boy Soup, her first book, was published by Annick Press in 1996.  Since then, she has been a full time author and illustrator, writing poetry and picture books.  Ms Lesynski also makes time for visits to schools, libraries and educational conferences.


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