Friday, April 19, 2013

Look-Alike Day is April 20th

Look-alike. Dead-ringer. Doppelgänger. Spitting Image. All words that describe someone who looks almost or exactly like someone else.

And it's a phenomenon that fascinates people. You can find references to look-alikes all over the place: in history, in celebrity, in the arts.

Some people find the idea of look-alikes to be a captivating study. Just do a Google search for "famous look-alikes in history" and you can waste at least an hour surfing through tons of side-by-side pictures of current famous folks who look like long-ago famous folks. (Not that I would personally know anything about that. Ahem.)

Some people find the idea of Doppelgängers (German for "look-alike;" literally, a "double goer" or "double walker") to be more on the paranormal side of things, for good or ill. The mythology, folklore, religion or tradition of many cultures (Ancient Egyptian, Norse, Finnish, and Celtic, to name a few) describe a Doppelgänger as anything from a ghostly benign double of a living person; to a forewarning of a living person's illness, endangerment or death; to a version of the personification of death itself.

And some people find the idea of look-alikes to be a great way to have some fun. For example, April 20th is Look-Alike Day. I don't know why. Or how. Or who made it up. But lots of folks use it as a day to have a little fun: Dress up in matching get-ups with their friends, take pictures, have a little party. That sort of thing. (What? No, it's not an excuse to have Halloween in the middle of Spring. Ok, maybe it is. But, it's not exactly the same, now is it? At Halloween, folks dress up, but they all want to wear something different from everybody else. Plus, there's no banging on neighbors' doors demanding candy. Probably.)

So being a look-alike can be fun, sometimes, can't it? To be silly, to dress up like someone else, maybe even try to be like someone else for a little while.

But, when all that look-alike fun is over and done, don't forget how wonderful you are as:


We all do that, sometimes, don't we? Forget how wonderful we are, for any number of reasons. And then, sometimes, we start to see ourselves in an unflattering light. We compare ourselves to other people, other things, other situations, and we find ourselves...less, somehow. We can't or don't see the Wonderful in us that other people around us can and do see. And when those times come, the most uplifting thing is when someone comes along and gives us a little nudge:

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  1. This is funny, Kim! Too bad there's no banging on neighbors' doors for candy on Look-Alike Day. Luckily, I still have a little Easter candy left...

    And yes, thanks for reminding us all of what's important.


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