Monday, April 25, 2011

Celebratory Multitasking at Its Finest (Or at Least, at Its Funnest)

I'm combining my celebration of a couple of Little-Known Holidays today. First, today is World Penguin Day, celebrated on April 25th because it occurs during the time of the flightless birds' annual northern migration. Second, today is also National Crayola Day, celebrated on April 25th because...well, I'm not sure why. Maybe for the love of this colorful, versatile drawing implement? Let's go with that, since I found no explanations for this particular holiday, just a couple of entries on a couple of calendars. 

Some of you may argue that the Crayola part of this little celebration is late, and you may be right: I also found a Crayola Crayon Day listed for March 31st. And this one I did find an explanation for: it's celebrated to mark the first time, in 1903, that Binney & Smith offered its crayons for sale to the public. Neither holiday, however, appears on the official Crayola website. So which one is officially right? Or is it neither? Who knows? All I can say is, unofficially, Bugs and Bunnies is celebrating National Crayola Day today. Because it works for me. Here's why:

Get it? It's National Penguin Day, and it's National Crayola Day, so...I drew a crayon-loving penguin (note the totally-not-seen-in-the-wild t-shirt), and then I colored it with crayons! 

Oh, yes. I'm We're the Celebratory Multitasking Queen.

And We are very amused.

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