Thursday, October 16, 2008

Return to Sender

I watched two of the three Presidential debates. I watched the Vice Presidential debate. I see the frequent campaign ads on TV. I read the campaign ads in print media. I read articles on the Presidential race in both digital and print forms.

In each case, I have been bombarded by negative campaigning. 

It's getting a little old.


Today, I sent Handsome Boy out to get the mail for me. He came tromping back from the mailbox with a fistful of bills, advertising flyers, a community magazine...

...and a Presidential campaign flyer, sent from a candidate's National Committee, and approved by that candidate. It was negative, and attacked the candidate's opponent and his policies. 

Serendipity: said flyer had a mailing address on it. 

Charging into my office, I scribbled out a frustrated missive. Then I took a deep breath, crumpled that missive, recycled it, and fired up the computer. Here is what I typed (with actual candidate names removed):

To Whom It May Concern:

I received this mailing today, and here is why I am sending it back to you: I am quite tired of candidates telling me how bad their opponent is.

If (Candidate A) wants my vote, then he needs to show me why he is the better choice to be President of the United States, not tell me why he believes (Candidate B) isn't. (Candidate A) needs to show me how he will improve this country, and not tell me how he believes (Candidate B) will make it worse.

I'm not interested in what (Candidate A) believes about (Candidate B). I'm interested in what (Candidate A) intends to do for his country, should he be elected.

Show. Don't tell.


Kimberly S. Wheedleton

I printed it. I signed it. I folded it. I stuffed it in an envelope. 

I stuffed the negative campaign ad in there, too. 

Then I sealed the envelope.

And I'm mailing the whole shebang right back to them bright and early Friday morning.

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