Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today, We Were Slugs

Sleeping in until almost 9AM

Eating a most decadent breakfast of chocolate and vanilla ice cream sprinkled with Trix cereal

Reading books

Giggling at mindless but funny cartoons

Reading books

Marveling at the darkening skies, rumbling thunder, flashes of lightning, and brief downpours that cycled all day and into the evening

Eating lunch at 2 in the afternoon while still in our PJ's

Making up stories with whatever toys we can get our hands on at the moment

Having snacks with no "it has to be a healthy one" prerequisites

Getting dressed and playing made up games out in a little bit of rain with two lacrosse sticks and a cheap plastic air-filled ball

Coming in and putting the PJ's right back on

Playing card games

Gathering soft blankets and cuddly toys to surround us when the thunder got a little too loud

Telling funny stories

Telling potty jokes

Telling more potty jokes

Reading books

Playing lovely songs on the piano

Writing stories and comics

Making art projects

Giggling during dinner when we saw a neighbor grilling her dinner on her deck in the rain

Staying up late

Laughing through bedtime stories

Playing 20,000 questions to stretch bedtime out just a little longer

Snuggling off to sleep

I hope it rains tomorrow, too...

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  1. This is so sweet. I want it to rain tomorrow so I can do the same with Amanda and Daniel...oh but we have dentist appointments and have to get dressed. Darn!



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