Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sweet Dreams?

I have weird dreams. And I remember most of them, much to my husband C's chagrin. I used to tell him all about my weird nocturnal in-head stories, even before I knew him very well. (And he's still here, bless him...) So one day, after I recounted a particularly odd dream - even for me - C was speechless. He sat and stared at me for a full 2 minutes with bugged out eyes. Then he said, "Don't tell other people about your dreams anymore. Not ever."

But, I just know my freaky dreams are trying to tell me something. I don't know if it's necessarily something important, but something, all the same. Yet, I'm not supposed to tell anyone about mine. 

Technically, C said never to "tell" anyone about them. He said nothing about typing them out... So, I did a little research on dreams. And now, here for your entertainment and my edification, are the fruits of my search-engine-combing labor (and a few peeks into my dream life, despite C's frantic attempts to dissuade me):

Ten Common Dream Elements
...And What They Might Mean

Animals - Dreaming of wild animals denotes trouble, fears or even misfortune. Domestic animals in your dreams (especially pets) usually mean good fortune. Further, if the animals are fierce, it is a warning, and if they are calm, it signifies happy times. So, that recurring wolf dream I used to have probably was not a "good tidings" type of thing...

Chase - If you dream of being chased by something frightening, it can mean it's time for you to set out on your destined path. But, you are refusing to let go of elements in your life that are hindering your quest. If caught, it means you have much work ahead of you. If you escape, it means you're almost free and your life is taking a new road. Or, here's an alternative interpretation: you're running away from your problems. OK. So, that recurrent wolf dream I mentioned? Well, the wolves chased me through a dark forest, and I finally escaped them (and ended the recurrences) by hopping across a line of stepping stones strewn across a narrow but raging river. Alrighty, then. It's finally starting to make some sense...I think. Let's move on, shall we?

Lost - No, not the show. (Though it is a totally awesome show...) If you dream of being lost, you are lost in life - adrift. Something is gone from your life: love, career, spirituality perhaps. In addition, the setting - where it is that you are lost - holds the key to your salvation. If you dream of losing an object dear to you, that object is key to the dream. I have "lost" dreams a lot, and I always seem to be lost in big, maze-like buildings. Maybe I was a lab rat in a previous life?

Forgotten Test - This has long been assumed to mean the dreamer feels unprepared for a task at hand. It may also signal the sense that one is being tricked or "set up." I have this one all the time - I'm in some college somewhere, and I keep forgetting to go to a particular class until exam time, when I finally remember there was another class I was supposed to be going to, and it was a totally crucial class, and now I would fail it - and that's when I wake up in total panic. Other times, I dream I'm back teaching, and not one kid in my class is behaving or even remotely paying attention...but that's a whole 'nuther category.

Losing Teeth - Dreaming of losing your teeth reflects your fear of being defenseless. Teeth are related to our sense of power and ability to communicate. This type of dream also is associated with feelings about your appearance. Yeah, this one pops up in my dreams, too, and they're always permanent teeth, and they fall out one after the other.

Stuck in Slow Motion/Unable to Move or Make any Noise - All I found for this one was "feeling stuck in life." This one is pretty common in my dream repertoire - where I or someone I love is in some kind of peril, but I can't make a sound to warn or call for help - no scream, no nothing. I hate those ones.

Falling - You're falling, and falling and falling...and then wake up. This is said to symbolize insecurities and anxiety. Something in your life is out of control and there's nothing you can do to stop it. An alternative: you have a sense of failure about something, and feel you can't control the situation. Can't say I remember having a falling dream. Sounds like that might be a good thing, though.

Flying - If you dream of flying, it means you're on top of things, in control of things that matter to you. Or - you've gained new perspective on things. Or - you are strong-willed and feel invincible. If you are afraid while dream-flying, you may have challenges you don't feel up to. OK, I have never had this type of dream. Crud.

Naked in Public - You're trying to hide something, or are not prepared for something. If you're naked and no one in your dream notices, then what you're afraid of is unfounded. If you don't care that you're naked, then you're comfy with who you are. I've never had this type of dream either. Though there was that one real-life time back in elementary school: I went to my coat hook at dismissal and had some type of time warp and thought I was home and it was bedtime so I needed to put on my pj's... Luckily, I caught myself and remembered where I actually was before any skin was revealed or any clothing left my person. Talk about your waking nightmare...

House/Apartment/Building - If you dream of something along these lines, the building usually represents you. The rooms represent different aspects of your life. Doors are opportunities. If it's your own home, you are on a solid spiritual foundation. If the building is a strange new place, it indicates your future and what you must do. Whoa. So all those dreams about being lost in a big, maze-like building mean...that I really was a lab rat in a previous life. And a fairly unsuccessful one at that. Oh, well. They're only dreams, right??


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