Thursday, October 18, 2012

Change is in the Air

I've got the blog re-design bug, so regular readers will notice a few changes here at Bugs and Bunnies over the next couple of weeks and months. The last time I did any major tweaks to the design was summer of 2008, so I figure it's due for a new look.

Though the design will change, the content will not. Reviews of books for young people, author and illustrator spotlights, and posts about little-known holidays will all still continue, as will the occasional post of illustrations I've been working on.

By the time the dust has cleared, you'll be greeted by a less cluttered page, with hints of the current color scheme, but a lot less dark and a lot more light. After that, watch for a re-vamped blog header, and even a custom favicon (that little picture next to the web address in your browser address bar).

Please come back often to visit, and to check out what's new.


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