Thursday, March 24, 2011

That's Not Very Ladylike

Mother Nature has blessed us with some very mild weather lately. Mild enough that I figured the last of the winter gusts were probably behind us. Mild enough that I finally consented - to Handsome Boy's ultimate joy - to his wearing shorts to school last Friday. And mild enough that I decided it was finally time to get out the patio furniture.

So, three days ago, Handsome Boy helped me haul a bistro table and 4 tall chairs from their storage spot under the back deck, all the way around to their Spring-and-Summer spot: the small gravel patio at the front of the house. It was sunny, and fairly warm, and only a tiny bit breezy. And we sat in those chairs on what was the second official day of Spring and enjoyed the loveliness of the day for a bit.

Two days ago, it got a bit nippy, but still fairly nice. Par for the course for Spring, right? But it was such a busy day, there wasn't any time to hang out on the patio and enjoy it. 

Yesterday, we had sleet. And thunderstorms. With hail. I was beginning to rethink the wisdom of setting out that furniture, which the storms had rendered unenjoyable even though we had plenty of time to use it. 

But Handsome Boy and I were determined to have some springtime fun. So, we built a fort on the living room floor. We stuffed it with cushions and covered it with blankets and hauled in stuffed animals and a cheery lamp and climbed inside and played Go Fish and ate cookies and had a fabulous time, smug in our cleverness at outsmarting Mother Nature...

Today, we woke up to big, fat, white snowflakes falling steadily - and mockingly - from the sky. Plus? My Christmas cactus - which should not be blooming in springtime - is blooming.

Now, it could be that the meteorological roller coaster of the last several days is just the usual fickleness of Spring. Or it could be that Mother Nature takes way too much joy in messing with us.

Either way, I say: Bring it on. 

We have a blanket fort. 

And cookies.

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  1. Glad you made the best of it. Sounds cozy.

    I used to LOVE making blanket forts with my boys when they were young. I even added potted palms to make it seem more tropical.

    Those were the days. Man, I must be getting old...


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