Sunday, July 6, 2008

News of the Odd

So, I'm perusing the news tonight, and come across three stories that made me take a second look. Read on for goings-on over the weekend:

First, I found a story all about the International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship. It seems that the reigning champion from last year was "out-spitted" by none other than his own son this year. Now, there's something to brag to the kiddos about: Say, did I ever tell you guys about the time I spit a cherry pit even farther than Grandpa? 

Next, check out this guy:
Yeah, boy, no waiting in crazy airport lines for this dude on a holiday weekend. He's good with a lawn chair, a bb gun, some food, cherry Kool-Aid, a mug of coffee and more than 150 helium balloons. Now that's how to travel in style...

Here's another one: a winner has been named in the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, held annually since 1916. The very full winner downed 64 hot dogs in a little over ten minutes. The winner' prize? Ten thousand dollars, a yellow belt...and year's supply of Nathan's hot dogs...

And, over the weekend, someone in Delaware made off with two trailers full of bananas. Forty thousand dollars' worth of bananas. Who steals two trailer loads of bananas? A rogue gang of giant, hungry gorillas? Someone with a serious potassium deficiency? Or a baker who panicked when he got an order for thirteen thousand loaves of banana bread - for the very next day...

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