Friday, April 11, 2008

Poetry Contest Winners!!!

The votes are in, and now, as promised, here are the top entries for the Bugs and Bunnies Poetry Contest!  I hope the two ladies who entered enjoyed writing some poetry this month.   

Congratulations to our contest winner, Theresa, for her poem, "The Journey Begins With Me."  Theresa received the most votes, and has won her very own Original Magnetic Poetry Kit. 

In second place, is Cloudscome.  You can find her over at a wrung sponge.   She has been writing haiku on her blog in celebration of National Poetry Month, and her entry is from one of her creations from her site.

Please read on to enjoy the thoughtful and lovely poetry of Theresa and Cloudscome:  

The Journey Begins with Me by Theresa 

As I lay in bed
Listening to His voice,
I know that everything I do
Ultimately is my choice.

Where do you want me?
Who shall I lead?
The Harvester, The Reaper,
It’s about the Word, the seed.

Will I do a good job?
Will I spread the message of Love?
I can’t do it.
My eyes looking above.

Where do you want me?
Pulled in so many different ways.
My mind is racing.
It’s like I am running in a maze.

I need direction.
Tell me where to go.
I am overwhelmed with commitment.
How will I know?

You are the Light.
You live in me.
I am your lamp stand.
Yes, people will see.

It doesn’t matter where I am
It does matter what I do.
It’s all about YOU.

So, now I can get out of bed.
Confident? It may be.
But only with the knowledge that if I can’t
You will carry me.

A haiku by Cloudscome:

cherry in rain 2

I would not
live without these tears -
plum blossom

Thank you to the entrants, voters and readers - I enjoyed hosting the contest!

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  1. Congratulations Theresa! That is a lovely poem to be sure.


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