Thursday, April 24, 2008

Observations in Bryant Park (NYC) at Noon Today

Children playing - little guys 

Sirens whooping, then fading

Little boys playing tag in the grass

Girlfriends out for lunch

Guys hanging out for lunch

A mommy, happily tugged along by a teeny girl about one-fourth her size


Sunbathers - swimsuit, sunscreen, towel and all!

Wish I brought a blanket

Business types, tourist types, families, singles, couples

Quiet conversations competing with traffic noise - yet still strangely tranquil

Business deals


Readers - tabloids, newspapers, paperbacks



Tall trees line a block filled with green, green grass, tables and chairs, shade umbrellas, food stands

Tall buildings peek through the foliage of the trees.

Shirtless, shoeless, but thank goodness no one's pant-less!

Boys in Blue take walk-thru's.

Dog collars clink against leashes.

Some just passin' through, and some just sit a spell

Carousel with a green and tan striped canopy and lots of happy tots

Strollers, shopping bags, cell phones, laptops, handbags, briefcases, backpacks

A napper flips over.



Buildings - green, brown, tan

Shining windows reflect the sun.

Bare feet, sandals, flip-flops, sneaks, loafers

Lots of shades 'cause there is no shade, but nobody minds because of the breeze

Brown baggers, trendy baggers, no baggers

Chairs and tables moved to suit

Ground is damp, but grass is soft

Muscle shirts, T-shirts, business shirts, trendy blouses, strapless blouses, tanks

Silver sneaks reflect the sun as their wearer snoozes on.

Nobody famous - at least not that I noticed

Two guys in shirts and ties - twinsies today in Oxford Blue and maroon

Grass... not weeds...  niiiiiice!

All these differences, but one thing in common: everyone enjoying a warm spring day in the city

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